Be a trailblazer! Say goodbye to lawyer burnout or better yet, avoid it before it begins. Learn to reduce stress, reclaim your physical and mental health, and be at the top of your game while loving your life again! Don't wait until you make partner, your kids grow up, or you retire. Choose to thrive TODAY!

What Does It Mean To Thrive?

The high cost of lawyer burnout

There was a time when the law was an esteemed profession. Today, the public perception of lawyers is tarnished, in part by client experiences with uninspired and burned out attorneys. Many lawyers feel unappreciated. They work long hours, cancel personal events to meet deadlines, and suffer in silence while they miss out on other aspects of their lives. As they become burned out, they resent their clients, withdraw from their colleagues, and lose focus. They spend more time doing less work, without enthusiasm, and quality is likely affected. Unhappy clients may seek new counsel. Personal lives suffer.

 The consequences of professional burnout have tangible consequences, for some career-ending or worse.  Failed marriages, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, and even suicide can follow. According to an ABA study, lawyers are almost twice as likely to become alcoholics as other similarly educated professionals, and of the lawyers who become alcoholics a high percentage began their problem drinking behaviors AFTER law school, within the first 15 years of practicing law. Over 60% of lawyers have experienced symptoms of clinical anxiety and 46% have suffered from depression. Perhaps most disturbingly, 11.5% of the participants reported having suicidal thoughts at some time during their careers.

For law firms, the short-term benefits of high levels of billable hours will be eclipsed in the long term as the impact of burnout shows up in both attitudes and work product.  Attorney turnover. loss of institutional knowledge, low productivity, mistakes, poor morale, lost clients and reputational harm follow.

Learn More and Make Changes Now!

What does it mean to be the standout? To be the Lawyers Thrive lawyer?

You wake up in the morning energized and looking forward to the day. You feel fit, strong, and mentally sharp. You savor the special moments: a beautiful sunrise; pushing your body and feeling accomplished in your workout; the physical rush of endorphins kicking in; a delicious breakfast; connecting with your children on the way to school; a special glance over coffee with your partner.

You settle into work centered, focused, and ready to tackle the day. In the past, you may have allowed yourself to be waylaid by interruptions and stress, but you have learned ways to stay on task. Your time is more productive now, so you are getting more billing into less time. You are becoming a master at eliminating distractions and improving every day. You are proud of the quality of your work and you are enthusiastic about the impact you are making on your clients' behalf. Your professional life is rewarding, challenging, and brings you joy.

Your life is full. You develop your skills, have hobbies, learn new things, and allow yourself the time to travel, spend time with your family, make contributions to your community and always expand your horizons. You feel purpose in the things you do, and that purpose motivates you and gives you a sense of accomplishment every day.

Your colleagues, clients, families and friends are attracted to your joyous presence and respond positively. You have not only improved your own happiness and wellbeing, but your example rubs off in your firm. One lawyer at a time, the culture changes. Burnout and stress are replaced by camaraderie and a sense of common purpose. This is what a Lawyers Thrive firm looks like. It starts with one and goes from there. Be the change maker by taking action now!

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So What's the Plan?

If you want to learn a bit first, we recommend you start with our  Lawyers Thrive in Five mini-course. The course is intended to provide you with the tools to recognize your needs and to focus on the areas most important for you.  It begins with an exercise to help you zone in on the areas of your life that could be improved to establish balance and expand your life satisfaction. Next, you will dive deep into what motivates you. Change is hard to sustain, and this step will help you to create lasting change and the desire to maintain it. With the groundwork laid, you will turn your attention to exercises the areas you want to focus on. As you recalibrate over time, you may want to work your way into other areas, expanding your life satisfaction as you continue to remain balanced. If you want to consider one-on-one coaching right away, sign up for an exploratory session with Coach Michelle to see if coaching would be right for you. After Lawyers Thrive in Five, you may want to go deeper with our 12-week Lawyers Thrive Coaching Program. As you participate in our program, you may wish to bring the benefits of  Lawyers Thrive programs into your law firm. We will be happy to customize programs for your law firm to be presented online or, once the COVID situation is under sufficient control for such gatherings, in person.

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 It’s nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Michelle Niemeyer. I have been to lawyer burnout and back, learned a lot of lessons on the way, and will be with you on this journey.

For several years, I loved practicing law. Like many, I worked long hours including lots of weekends and holidays. I gave up important things in my life. My marriage fell apart. I became burned out professionally and my health suffered. Ultimately, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I lost weight, got in shape, and embarked upon an education in health coaching to learn more. I learned methods of stress relief, positive psychology and neuro linguistic programming. These lessons have allowed me to rediscover a joy in life that I had for many years missed out on. Over time, as I made these changes, my love of the law returned, but in a much more sustainable way.

As a certified health coach, it is my mission to help you identify the most efficient ways to bring your life into balance. Together we will discover which areas you can work on to have the most impact in moving you forward, and you will discover the tools that work best for you to make those changes last.

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Get started with your Lawyers Thrive in Five course today. Don't waste more time waiting for the next big milestone. The only thing that is certain in this life is the present moment. What are you going to do with yours?



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In our profession, we love to put ourselves last. There is time to take that not-so-urgent call. There is time for reading eight million pointless emails. There is time to serve on that bar committee or to drive that carpool or to pick up the slack on that marketing project no one wants to do. 

And yet, do you allow time to assure you will be able to continue to practice at a high level for the long run? Do you allow time to check in with yourself and stay on track with your health and your happiness? When was the last time you missed lunch, skipped your workout for a conference call or missed your kid's game because of a deadline? When was the last time you had fun?

For us to be at our best, to be physically strong and mentally sharp, to work well in teams and to stay focused and on task, we need to be physically and emotionally healthy. We need to be balanced, to be skilled in handling our stress, to feel a sense of purpose and to always be growing and learning.

When you learn to live a healthy and balanced life, you reduce your likelihood of becoming burned out, of becoming less productive, or worse, of succumbing to stress-related illness, addiction, substance abuse, or mental illness.

So take the time. If you are honest with yourself and go all in on this course, the minimal amount of time you will spend on Lawyers Thrive in Five's modules will change your life! They will teach you to make changes that will enable you to get more productivity and more joy out of your time. You will find its impact radiating into every aspect of your life.

As you make changes you will discover joys you forgot existed. Your colleagues will see the changes in you, and over time you will shine your light into your circle of influence. As you thrive, you will inspire those around you.

Stop procrastinating. It's time to change your life!

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